Best Places to Travel for a week

Best Places to Travel for a week

While looking for the best places to travel during your vacations, it is important to select some popular travel spots with engaging and attractive beauties, a strong historical and cultural background.

If you are in search of some best places to spend your short vacations of one week but you do not have a strong bank profile then this article will help you a lot for sure.

In this travel guide, we have sorted out some of the best places to travel for a week-long vacation. You can select any tourist destination from this list, remember to choose a place where you can have fun for a less price. Let’s take a look at this shortlist.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a famous travel destination located in California that is much popular in terms of skiing, hiking, beaches, golf, shopping, dining, and nightlife as well. Don’t go and eat at the local McDonalds. There are plenty of affordable dining options that wont break your tastebuds!

Here, you will find magnificent parks for a lit day trip. A road is present to establish an easy connection between the traveller and those beautiful parks. Some of them include Emerald Bay State Park and the Sand Harbor State Park. These two are much famous among tourists. The entry fee here lies between $5 or $10 per car.

If you like activities such as swimming, then Kings Beach State Recreation is the best option available for you. In that area, you can go swimming, tanning, and boating as well. All of these things for free.

If in case you love skiing or snowboarding then you should travel towards the local Homewood Mountain Resort to experience the activities that you love the most.

The best time for heading towards this resort lies in spring. You can avoid the crowd in the spring and also, you can get tickets at a cheap price.

This place is ideal for you if you want to perform fun activities during your short one week trip.

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Another famous travel destination is Puerto Morelos located in Mexico. However, Mexico is a quite crowded and famous place among travellers but if you want to experience a relaxed vibe, awesome street food, and beautiful beaches then you should head towards the southern portion of Puerto Morelos. 

Here you will find several options to do during your trip. The local dive shops offer snorkelling tours at protected reefs. But, if you are on a budget then these tours are not recommended for you. As they cost an average of $35 to $120.

Instead of wasting your money here, you can experience the sea life for free. You can rent snorkelling gear or you can use your own goggles to have a clear view in the deep and shallow waters.

Other cheaper things to do here include, riding a taxi up to Calle Jose Maria Morelos towards the city. 

The place is also famous for delicious food and cuisines. You can also opt for a cultural trip towards the south end of Cancun Hotel.

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